Communion Servers
1. The Pastor will call you to come forward when its time to serve communion.
2. The Pastor will serve the first person both bread and cup; then, that person will take the cup and assist the Pastor in serving the other three communion servers.
3. One pair of servers will begin by serving the choir, while the other pair will start serving the congregants at the far-left communion rail (when facing the back of the church).
4. When the first pair of servers finishes serving the choir, they will then move to the right altar rail (when facing the back of the church), so that the two pairs of servers will meet in the middle.
Serving Bread
Say, “This is the body of Christ, broken for you.”
Tear a small piece of bread off, and place it in the palm of the person  you are serving.
-We do this, because we believe that grace is given, not taken. Therefore, you symbolize Christ’s giving of his body to us in the tearing off and giving of the bread to others. 
Serving the Cup
Say, “This is the blood of Christ, shed for you.” 
Offer the plate of cups to the person you are serving, so they may pick a cup of juice.