Usher/Greeter Duties
1. Arrive at interior Sanctuary doors (front and side doors) at 9:30am.
2. Greet worshippers as they enter the church, and pass out bulletins.
3. Remain at doors until 10:10am to help seat any late-arriving worshippers.
4. If you notice a new guest in worship, introduce them to another church member so they can feel
5. Pass out and collect offering plates when called forward by the Pastor.
6. Usher people forward during Communion (two people in center aisle releasing each row forward, and      two people down front to ensure people return to their seats using external aisles).
7. After service ends, pick up and discard any leftover bulletins and trash left in pews.
8. After service ends, tear off attendance pad sheets and place them in Secretary’s box. 
Head Usher
1. Arrive at front Sanctuary doors at 9:00am (external glass doors will be locked, so you will be the only way for people to enter through these doors).

2. Ensure that the attendance pads have been collected and deposited in Secretary’s box after service.
3. Ensure that the total number of people in attendance has been counted and recorded.
4. Check Sanctuary space before leaving to make sure offering has been deposited in office safe, candles have been blown out, lights set to “low.”
Greeter Duties
1. Arrive at external Fellowship Hall and Office doors at 8:30am. (Doors will be locked, so you will be the only way for people to enter through these doors)
2. Remain in position at door until 10:10am to allow in any persons running late to service.